#mansafDXB tweetup pictures + mini-review

After a lot of discussion (going back to Ramadan last year) a couple of mansaf tweetups took place in the space of 4 or so weeks in Dubai. Couldn’t make the first one as I was out of town (In Hong Kong to be specific), fortunately though I made it to the second one which happened just over a week ago at a restaurant in the Garhoud area in Dubai called Rawabina. I heard about this place before but never visited it or knew where it was exactly. Al in all, good food, mediocre service (Typical in Dubai).


There was a good turn out at the tweetup, lots of banter and humor too, which surprisingly didn’t subside despite the drowsy after effect of Mansaf. There were plans to do a #mandiDXB tweetup, but that plan didn’t gather any momentum (yet). Hope this post (and pictures) help initiate that πŸ™‚


Ps. check out my Picasa gallery here if you would like to see the same shots in higher resolution

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