Julys + Amman photographs

I’ve been trying to make time for this for the past month, but it’s been a mad, mad July, just like last year. I made a vow to post this before the end of the month, as otherwise it would be even more pointless than posting it towards the end of July.

So why has July so busy in the past 2 years? (Well, historically speaking it’s been a hectic month ever since I graduated from university). Let’s look at some events:

July 2010: Family going to Lebanon for the summer, football World Cup reaching its climax, reached probably the peak of my fitness of that summer with fitness boot camps, jogging and swimming (not all at the same time but you get the drift), changing jobs and doing 2 jobs at the same time and plenty of socializing and trying to stay in touch with friends and people in general, all in 24 hours. Phew

July 2011: Well, family leaving the country for good, hitting the gym + running track again, not going to run any marathons any time soon, although I would love to somehow become that fit. Also- Getting more responsibilities at work (not a bad thing), coupled with two leisure trips to Amman in the space of 3 weeks, some soul searchin’ and finding my feet in this abyss of ‘living on one’s own’.

It’s been busy, and I am loving it. I still need to manage my time better I reckon, but that shall come with time and practice. Hoping I’d be able to pick up new (good) habits, especially since Ramadan is about to start (i.e. less working hours and more time to do other stuff, traditionally including sleeping, shisha-ing endlessly and whatnot. Hopefully not this year). Maybe I should give cooking a shot, the last time I touched a pan was back at university (Gotta love those hot stoves and cookers).

I have posted some shots of Amman taken on my most recent visit there on my personal facebook profile, I decided to share some of them here as well =)

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