Vision – Votes Wanted!

Hi everyone!

I want to start this with a small disclaimer, I don’t usually do this but I’m banking on your support in an interesting new challenge  that I’ve entered. Basically it is to promote the products of AMD , their brand new VISION technology to be precise.

Here is the deal: 5 active and well-respected members of the facebook and twitterverse have been chosen to represent AMD in this challenge, each one with the main objective of getting the most number of votes. Votes are acquired by simply visiting the page of the person you are voting for and answering three questions about the Vision Technology from AMD. What does the winner get? Well the lucky winner will win an a paid trip to Austin, Texas to attend the Austin City Limits Music Festival and a chance to win a massive cash prize in the second phase (The first phase winner gets to go to the US of A).

The chaps at AMD were kind enough to give each one of the 5 candidates a notebook/laptop (shows you how tech-savvy I am, or not) equipped with the abovementioned Vision Technology to use in this challenge. In all fairness, even to someone who is somewhat technologically challenged I must say I am impressed by the overall speed, performance and clarity on offer (Obviously one would expect that from a brand new machine, but still, having used and changed at least 7 personal, work and family laptops in the past 2 years I guess I can tell when things are going better than expected!). Highly recommended, I will check out some movies and do some testing myself with some video calls and such and keep you posted. I can already tell that this small machine with its uber-advanced AMD chips will serve up a treat.

Ok, enough talking. To cut down, all you have to do dear family member, friend, acquaintance, colleague, stalker, online friend, follower etc etc etc is to visit this link and vote for yours truly. What will you get out of this? Well, for starters, you will be doing me a huge favor! And if you have the slightest interest in video games, you will be eligible to enter a draw for a copy of the DiRT3 game (Winners will get a download link to get the full version. Awesome, eh?)

Hope to see your votes coming in sooner rather than later! The voting window is only open for a week from now (Last day for the votes is on the 20th of August, 2011)

Thank you in advance and best regards

Omar Abu Omar

In case you missed it (and you have a habit of scrolling down to the end of articles, here is the voting link again: