My thoughts on the Merseyside derby (Football)

This was originally posted on a group on facebook dedicated to Lebanese fans of Liverpool FC (Before you start wondering, I am not Lebanese but one of my best ‘online buddies’ is and he happens to be a Liverpool fan. He was kind enough to invite me to the group). Anyhow, cyber bromance and useless jabber aside, here is my two cents:

So we won 2-0, away from home at our local rivals’ ground. Not bad, no? Well, in all fairness, it was frustrating that we failed to capitalize quickly enough on the numerical advantage that we had, and that the goals only came after Bellamy and Stevie were introduced to the fray, but we should remember that it was a weird game, the decisions by the referees were rather unpredictable. Part of me believes the sending off worked against us in a way as it put even more pressure on our boys. It felt as if Everton were the ones with 11 men rather than 10 with the way the fans reacted to the sending off and basically any decision from there onwards. Our players (Suarez mainly) were booed whenever they had possession of the balls, at every corner kick or throw-in they had things hurled at them and they were verbally abused. I think we should give credit to our lads and King Kenny for not letting the hostility around them affect them. It was after all a derby, which by default is a very tricky tie, I think that red card was the 25th or 26th in the history of this fixture in the EPL era. Here are some positives and negatives from the game:

– Carroll faded in and out of the game, but well-taken strike. I hope (and think) this will turn our fortunes as some pressure is taken off Luis Suarez
– Suarez is again our most lethal attacking outlet, he is a cheat (sadly), but this is part of his game, and at least this wasn’t something that he picked up at Melwood. We’ve seen many teams do the same to us and get away with much worse
– Luis Enrique had Coleman in his pocket the whole game (I actually only realized he was on the pitch when he went off, think Derenthe went on for him)
– Again, the fact we did react to provocation of the blueshite fans is very credible. Kudos to the boys

– Downing was pretty much ineffectual. I think he’s more suited to open games rather than tense and tight ones like the Merseyside derby. Someone tweeted that in 2 minutes, Bellamy created more chances/havoc than Downing did in the whole game!
– Jordan Henderson: Ok, the jury is still out, but there is something seriously wrong with your game if you keep on passing sideways and backwards when your team has the upper hand and 2-0 up with minutes to go! Meaning- No pressure at all! (Well, relatively). He kind of reminds me of Steve Finnan, although both were brilliant at going forward at their respective former clubs and positions, they came to Anfield and decided the best way to handle any situation is to pass it back. Disappointing cameo

This is pretty much it. Bring on manure!