Latest girl fad on social media: “I’m moving to (insert city name) for (number of months)

Well this is a new fad that the lovely ladies have started on facebook. Now I’ll be an a*s and blow the whistle on this.

As received:

“Alright ladies, it’s again breast cancer awareness month. We all remember the status based on our bra colour or where we leave our handbags. It was so widespread that it was even mentioned in the news, and the constant changes in status made many people aware of the problem. Don’t tell men what your status means! Copy, paste and send this message to all your women friends, let’s see if we can make as much noise as in previous years. This time we are using our birth dates. Write “I’m moving to (birth month) for (birth date) months” and put it on your status. Example: 14th February: I’m moving to London for 14 months. Key for months: January – Mexico; February – London; March – Miami; April – Dominican Republic; May – France; June – St Petersburg; July – Austria; August – Germany; September – Netherlands; October – Amsterdam; November – Las Vegas; December – Colombia.”


Now I don’t know why a breast cancer awareness ‘campaign’ would be celebrated in November rather than October, but anyhow, as long as it supports boobies the male population of the world is likely to support it :p. So now you know what the status updates are all about. On a second thought, I don’t even know why I’m posting/sharing this


There was a similar (and sillier) one in the summer, where girls implied their relationship (or lack of) status

“Single: I’m moving to london!
Seeing some1: I’m moving to liverpool!
Single&looking: I’m moving to Ireland!
Single&looking secretly: I’m moving to Nigeria
Can’t be arsed anymore: I’m moving to Wales!
Taken: I’m moving to Paris!
It’s Complicated: I’m moving to Scotland!
I want a change: I’m moving to America!
I’m a lesbian: I’m being deported
I’ve given up on love: immigration are outside my house
Let’s do it together!…… Pass it on…..”