Google Launch YouTube in the UAE – Bloggers Hangout and Lunch [Review + Stats + Pics!]

As big technology and internet companies go, Google is one of the best at what it does, and they are doing a fantastic job at it. Another thing that Google does well in its key new and existing markets is to reach out to the community and engage with them. As some of you might remember, they had a lovely hangout event here in Dubai at the Pavilion to meet bloggers and tech enthusiasts in the UAE (Read more about that here).

The guys at Google were at it again and they were kind enough to invite us to another hangout lunch, this time it was to launch YouTube in the UAE ( The Managing Director of YouTube for the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions, Matthew Glotzbach who gave us some valuable insights on YouTube’s performance globally and in the Middle East region. Joe Akkawi summed everything up quite well in his blog. I have quoted some of the interesting stats that were provided by the ‘Googlers’ below off Joe’s blog (Thanks buddy). All in all it was another lovely event and it is always great to network and meet new people who are into tech and ‘web stuff’ :). I took some shots from the event, which you can find if you scroll down to the bottom of this post. Enjoy peeps and till the next one!


  • YouTube was launched in 2005 and acquired by Google in 2006 for $1.65bn
    • We were told that there was major skepticism about this acquisition because it revolved around “video”
  • YouTube gets 4 billion views per day which translates to more than 3 billion hours of video every month
  • If the entire planet spent a day on YouTube, each person would average 30 minutes of content per day
  • 800 million unique users every month
  • 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute Globally
    • 600 million views per day on mobile
    • 700 videos shared on Twitter every minute
    • 300 hours of video shared on Facebook everyday
  • In MENA, 1 hour of video is uploaded every minute
    • Currently no data was available on Arabic/English split
  • YouTube launched 8 countries in 2011
  • YouTube will always work to never be a destination of Piracy
    • Content ID is the technology used to identify copywrited content.
    • YouTube leaves it up to the content owner to decide what to do with their content.
  • I asked how big of a country do we need to contain all of YouTube’s servers. While I didn’t get an answer, I was told that we would need 800 Billion 64GB iPads to store the internet
  • According to a study by Cisco, 90% of internet traffic in 2013 will be video

UAE Site

  • The official website will be remains as the tube dealer. Surprised they didn’t take more action there
  • Domain will automatically redirect you to but will set your locale/country to UAE
  • Your account settings will not automatically change to UAE. You will have to do this manually
  • No extra censorship will apply to the UAE version of the website
  • To help empower regional content, locally relevant material will be served based on language, country of origin, country of living and viewing habits

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