New Photography Project – #TheBalconyProject

The Balcony Project is something I had in mind for some time now. The concept is simple: As the name suggests, it revolves around balconies around town and whenever possible on my travels. The nice thing about balconies is that it gives you a new and fresh perspective on an area’s surroundings. From a (selfish) photography perspective, when you go a few floors up you get to avoid the pesky yellowish and neon-esque street lights that can  be distracting in some shots taken from street level.

Another nice thing about balconies is that it gives you a perspective of what s resident sees on daily basis. The problem with that situation is that most people get used to it over time, and even if they have a stunning view, they take it for granted. This project will remind people to appreciate the view that they have, and appreciate what they have in general.

If you have an apartment, villa with a rooftop or an office with a nice view (or a not very nice view) and you would like to have shot(s) taken from it, I’d be more than glad to do that for this project! You will get a high-res copy of an image taken from your balcony in return (and in appreciation) of getting access to your balcony or rooftop.

Yalla! Support #TheBalconyProject!

Special thanks to Raid Arabiyat for the support and for being one of the first people to collaborate on #TheBalconyProject :). The photo was taken from his building’s rooftop