#SmallThings: Random, simple and small acts of kindness this Ramadan (and beyond the holy month)

Since it’s Ramadan and it’s the time where we try to be better versions of ourselves, I have asked friends, family and the Twitterverse for suggestions for things that can be done to help out the less fortunate ones, here are the suggestions they and I have. Obviously most of these are not limited to the holy month, but can be done around the whole year.

  • Take food and beverage to a mosque at Iftar time, recommended items: Water, juices, fruits and vegetables (especially dates), laban and yogurt. You could also take sandwiches, soft drinks, pastries etc. Think of it this way, such snacks are simple every day items for you, but to many people they are considered luxuries sadly
  • Donate money via your bank’s online portal from the comfort of your desk/couch. Many banks have this option
  • Donate blood
  • There are counters for charities at every major mall and supermarket around town (in the UAE at least). They have various affordable charity options (Paying for someone’s iftar, helping orphans, buying Qurans, building mosques, red crescent etc. etc., try to donate a small amount to it)
  • Do something for a cause, be it starting to train for a run/marathon, climbing a mountain or simply initiating a small charity drive in your office or amongst your friends for a cause.
  • Check www.justgiving.com and see the charities that you can contribute and donate money to.
  • A simple thank you with eye contact to people who just rendered a service to you, no matter how small
  • Give the delivery boys a small tip and/or juice and sweets/snacks in appreciation for their help. They spend most of their day on the move and most either walk or have bicycles and have very demanding and tiring jobs.
  • Invite friends you lost touch with or haven’t seen in a while to Iftar and catch up
  • Find out if you can visit hospitals and if you can meet patients and spend time with them
  • If your city has an orphanage, pay a visit to it, take some toys and snacks with you. There is a new orphanage in Dubai called Senses in Umm Suqeim, it’s for orphans with disabilities, visit http://www.sensescentre.com/ to find out how you can contribute.

If you have any suggestions of your own you are more than welcome to share them here!