Sifting Through The Clutter

This was something I started typing a month or so ago:

This week started off on a bad note, it was not horrible. There are many worse problems one could have, I could have lost a loved one, had a car crash, have the whole building burn down or lose my wallet and passport together while being in a foreign country that I know no one in where English is 4th language. What basically happened is that I was running late to work and had to take my camera to take a couple of pictures for work, the camera’s battery was half empty, or half full, depending on whether you look at life from a battery half empty or half full perspective. I usually have a spare battery in my camera bag but I could not find it, I scrambled around the house (while charging the half-charged battery) and could not find the spare one so ended up going with the one I had. Took a couple of shots, the battery was not drained, but throughout the morning one thing was on my mind: Where the hell could that battery be? I checked all the ‘usual spots’ where I tend to leave stuff in, you know, a spare camera bag, a drawer, a small pocket in my backpack, somewhere, but no, it wasn’t in any of those places.

It was frustrating, what was even more frustrating is how frequent moments like that have come up in recent months and how annoying it was to find things and remember to do things. I lost count of the number of times I misplaced my car keys, clothing items (especially socks, but I think that’s a global phenomenon not confined to my mysterious washing machine and closet) and then I reached the conclusion that I have way too many things lying around at home, in my car, on my desk at work, in my laptop bag, backpack, camera bags, suitcases, in my head, at friend’s houses, with my father in one country and with the rest of the family in another and simply everywhere.

I needed to declutter and I started doing so step by step. I had already started doing that last week, albeit virtually. I have unfollowed, unfriended and muted over 500 users online. It felt good. This week so far I have finally managed to clean up my desk at work, my drawers and my laptop bag.

Next step: Cleaning up my car, which has been rather filthy for the past couple of weeks. Sometimes it seems as though I am running some recycling business and I go around collecting water bottles judging by the sheer amount of plastic in the back of my car. Obviously the trunk does not fare much better with football gear, footballs, camping gear that has barely even been used yet and many other random things (Maybe I’ll finally be able to find some of those missing socks again after cleaning it up).

What next? The house obviously, the amount of ‘stuff’ I collected over the years and refused to let go of is staggering. Why do I still keep clothes that do not fit anymore (Too big, thankfully) or shoes that have been worn a handful of times before being left to rot on a shoe rack behind my door after one blister too many, or torn clothing items who were destroyed by regular wear or by poor handling by laundries (Before I learned how to do most of my laundry on my own).

This was written on the day of posting the piece:

Clutter is annoying. Clutter, in whichever form it comes in (Things, thoughts, people, junk etc.) can be off-putting and distracting from what you really want to do. I am still in the middle of this whole (slow) sifting process, but I’ll get there one day. Maybe that day will be the day I leave for good.