Every Kilometer Could Save Someone’s Life in Palestine #1DirhamKM


I’m bad at figuring out how to start my infrequent blog posts, and this one is no different so I’ll just dive head first.

People in Palestine and specifically Gaza are still struggling. We perhaps assume that since they are not in mainstream Arab and western media that all is well there, but the reality couldn’t be starker. I won’t bore you with stats and snippets of recent news. Simply typing “Gaza” on Google’s news feed can provide many depressing reminders of the harsh daily reality in the impoverished and besieged strip.

Here’s where I will explain how you and I can make a difference. A few weeks ago I started training for the upcoming Dubai Marathon and fundraising for Medical Aid for Palestinians. The race is on January 23, 2015 (Less than 9 weeks away), and as I ramp up my training plan for the race, I am pledging to donate a dirham (AED) for every kilometer I cover in training leading up to race day.

I hope this will help raise awareness about the plight of fellow Palestinians and help save lives there. Any form of support will be highly appreciated, be it a donation, a tweet or spreading word of mouth. You can find out more information and donate on this page: www.justgiving.com/OmarAO and the hashtag is #1DirhamKM and let’s not forget Gaza.