#RamadanLens: Zaatar at Nad Al Sheba

#RamadanLens Day 27 – Zaatar at Nad Al Sheba

#RamadanLens: Zaatar at Nad Al Sheba

This will be a bit of a long post (in comparison to previous ones). Should have posted it earlier in the month, but similar to exercise, I couldn’t make much time for this as it lay there as a bare draft in a Word document.

Making time to exercise in Ramadan is not easy due to the long fasting hours, and the nature of the month being dedicated to praying, eating and drinking, socializing etc.

As with many things in life, there is not one size fits all solution to this, as different people have different bodies, and each of us has different threshold points. Below is a list of the most common options that I observed. I should make it clear that I am by no means a fitness expert, I am merely stating personal observations 🙂

– Exercising right before Iftar: With little time to go for Iftar, some opt to exercise now and then refuel and rehydrate at sunset.

– Working out for iftar: Some have a very light iftar while or right before working out, I don’t know how people do this, but I admire their strength

– After Iftar by 2-3 hours: That’s me basically. It takes my body a few hours to recover from the food coma. A coffee usually helps

– Suhoor work-out: Making the workout as late as possible, the main advantage of this is that you finish your work-out and you’d have enough time to grab a quick bite and rehydrate for the next day.

– Combination of the above: I personally only know one person who manages to do this, he basically has a light exercise/walk before iftar, and then goes on a more strenuous work out later in the evening

– None! Some athletes take the whole month off! While it is an extreme choice to me, but it can work for some if they follow a good diet during the month and combine it with light activity (eg. walking, casual cycling and/or basic core exercises at home)