On Leaving Dubai to Madrid…

Long exposure shot of Madrid, by Omar Abu Omar

Okay. so I left Dubai last week. I am in Madrid now, I got a few curious questions since I left Dubai last week, and here are some answers:

Q. Where are you going?
A. Madrid

Q. What are you going to do there?
A. Getting an MBA in Sports Management at the Universidad Europea, a program in association with Real Madrid

Q. How long is the course?
A. The course is just under a year long, all classes in Madrid. Then there is a five-month internship, the location will depend on where I manage to land one and if I learn Spanish in ten months.

Q. Why did you leave Dubai?
A. I was born and raised in Dubai, never lived anywhere else. I always wanted to live outside Dubai, even if for a short while. I want to see how it is to live somewhere else and then to decide whether I want to move back or not.

Q. Why Spain?
A. I visited the country twice and really liked it. The weather, culture and location appealed to me more than England (Similar cost as long as you avoid London). Another major reason is that I want to learn a new language, which would be easier there than in an English speaking country. Canada and the States were on my mind, but opted against that due to the distance, length of the programs there and the cost.

Q. Are you coming back to Dubai?
A. Don’t know. Will see where the road takes me after I conclude my classes and the internship.