First Friday (Juma) Prayer in Madrid

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I am currently based in Madrid.  I’m writing this post about my first Friday prayer at the main mosque here. I hope I will discover more mosques with time in this beautiful city.

After doing a bit of research, it seems that the biggest mosque is called Centro Cultural Islamico y Mezquita Omar De Madrid (Which I suppose roughly translates into the Islamic Cultural Centre and Mosque in Madrid). The closest metro station to it (If you are coming from Central Madrid at least) is El Carmen. It is about 8 stations from the the Callao station, which is very close to Sol. The metro journey took around 20 minutes, and the walk took 20 minutes. In hindsight, it should have taken less time if I knew the exact location, as I had to go around a couple of blocks and took a wrong turn (Had limited internet access, so couldn’t rely fully on Google Maps). Anyhow, once you are out of the station, walk around the residential blocks and the mosque will be behind a somewhat big glass-covered building. Obviously I’d recommend using Google Maps for the shortest way possible.

At the time of visiting, the first athan was just after 2pm. the second athan was about thirty minutes later, which I found rather odd coming from Dubai, where they are typically ten or less minutes apart. The sermon (khotba/speech) itself was about twenty five minutes long, 20 of which were in Arabic and five minutes were in Spanish, basically a summary of the Arabic sermon. The  usual Friday dua’as followed and the two raka’as of the Friday prayer itself.  The prayer was followed by a prayer for a couple of people who passed away recently, may their souls rest in peace.

I just have to make a small note here that: I was not impatiently counting the minutes, but wanted to keep a note of the timings for the future. The fact that there are thirty minutes between the two athans gives some leeway to make it to the sermon (khotba) in time if there were any delays on the way for future Fridays. I aim to write again if I come across any other mosques in the city for Friday prayer. A quick google search shows few options that are far from the central areas.

I hope this will help fellow Muslims who move to or visit Madrid in the future!