You don’t always run…

I’m no motivational speaker, and I am not one to try and inspire anyone to get off their bum and do something different, but here goes anyway:

“I will dieee.”
“I cannot do it.”
“I won’t finish.”

These are things I still tell myself sometimes. I kept on telling myself that I won’t be able to go on my long run last weekend (When I got royally lost in the middle of the night in cold Madrid), I told myself that before the last half marathon I ran, which I somehow finished with a decent time (Relatively speaking, when compared to my previous race times).

I could have picked any gleaming picture from the finish-line of a race, but I chose this for a reason. This shot was taken at the 2014 Madrid Marathon, as you can see, I was not running, I was dejected, tired and cramped. It was not the only time this has had happened though, it happened in 4 of the 5 full marathons I’ve completed, in a couple of half marathon races, in a few 10ks and even at an 8k race. Going back to this particular picture; by the time I reached the finish line, it was still faster than my previous two full marathon attempts (A ‘PB’).

The point is that I finished it. And if I can, then you most certainly can as well. Everyone ‘walks’ at some point in life. Walking in this running context is the struggles you come across. The end result can and will delight you, but to get there, you are more likely than not have to walk at some point and hit unexpected obstacles. Don’t let them get in your way, just power through until the end.
ps. For the record, here is that gleaming shot a with hundred or so meters to the finish line.