London Marathon Countdown — Giving Back

In 15 days, I will be lining up with tens of thousands of other runners in Greenwich Park to run this year’s edition of the London Marathon. After an overwhelmingly positive experience at last year’s race (My first taste of the London Marathon), I will be running it this year representing and fundraising for British charity Health Poverty Action. The fundraising target is 2,000 pounds, I have managed to raise 900 pounds so far, so there’s some way to go before I reach my target. To donate, please visit the following link:

After several months of intense training, which included a full marathon in Seville, several half marathons in Spain and abroad and a full solo marathon in Madrid to boot, I can safely say I am somewhat ready for the race. I hope to meet my fundraising target ahead of the race. Please feel free to share the fundraising link (above) with your contacts!

Here’s the giving back part, for every person who donates (any amount), I will send a high-resolution image from my gallery (Or any picture I’ve taken that the person donating would like to have in high-res). My photography work can be viewed at the following pages:

My personal Facebook profile:

Below you can find thumbnails taken from my 500px account.

Any donation will be highly appreciated!