London Marathon, T-7 Days!


One week to go to London. Thanks to everyone who donated on the fundraising page. Hoping for the best on the day (Assuming I get the visa, I should know by Tuesday).
As I mentioned last week, any donations will get any high-res image of their choice from my humble photography work (The one in the post is one of them). All donations will go to the guys at Health Poverty Action. Link: I am just 500 pounds short of my target!
Really looking forward to be in London again. The London Marathon is by far my favorite race to date. If things go according to plan on the day, I should be able to finish in sub 3:40, if not, I’ll just be happy with a PB or a sub-four hour finish again.
ps. Friends in London and/or the ones traveling for the race: Let me know if you would like to meet there! I should be there on Thursday and stay until Tuesday if everything goes according to plan.
YNWA and good luck to everyone running on the day.

Published by Omar Abu Omar

Digital Marketer | Marathoner & Fitness Enthusiast | Freelance photographer | MBA In Sports Management Graduate | ex Hotelier

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