Want to help others this Ramadan? Here are some awesome charities and initiatives in the Middle East and beyond!

Ramadan is the month of giving and reaching out to people in the community to help out the needy and less fortunate. I asked friends and contacts to share charities and things that can be done in their local communities and online. This is a list I put together so far. Please feel free to share more initiatives, will add them to the blog post accordingly.
I hope some of the initiatives here carry on for the rest of the year, and are not limited to Ramadan.
In the UAE: 
– As shared by Nadia El-Samsam:
A group is collecting food packages from restaurants and distributing them to the needy. More details:

My friends and I have initiated a charity iftar meals giveaway project during Ramadan.
We have contacted a restaurant that prepares iftar meals in boxes, each box costs 9 Dhs ONLY, and it includes :
– Dates
– water
– Laban drink
– chicken mandi

The giveaway will be scheduled every Friday during Ramadan prior to maghreb athan, iftar meal boxes will be given by our hands, targeting workers in industrial areas, and anyone is most welcome to join this project for the goodwill and ajr.

If you are interested to help the team, either financially or physically, contact any of these numbers ( and you can also join the whatsapp group to be updated with our activities with pictures).


Share it with your friends and family.

قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم:
“من فطّر صائماً كان له مثل اجره، غير انه لا ينقص من اجر الصائم شيء.”

– As shared by Tania Sawaya, who works at Wafi Mall in Dubai: We are having an exhibition called Saraya for a good cause at Wafi from June 16 to 20 from 8pm onwards where all the money will be donated to the Sheikh Mohammed a bin Rashid foundation for 5 million books for 5 million children.
– As shared by Maha Mansouri and Janine Bensouda: There’s Ramadan/Sharing Fridges UAE (FB page)
A network of community organized fridges set up outside homes all over Dubai and stocked by the community to feed the labourers and workers. Please visit the Facebook page here for more details: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uaefridges/?pnref=story.
– Several mosques around town have big yellow boxes that are dedicated for donating clothes to the needy.
– As shared by Reem AlHilou, an initiative to provide food for families and workers in the UAE:
– As received from Manal Rostom: The Marwa Fayed Toy’s Run collects toys from UAE residents that are sent to kids in Syria. To donate and to get more details, please check the following Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/marwafayedstoyrunuae/
In Lebanon:
– As posted by Souha Itani:
https://www.facebook.com/savethegraceleb/ amazing initiative. You can contact Lamia Sayed
There is also an everyday iftar managed by Cedars, the founder is Iffat Idriss if you want contact details let me know
An amazing initiative in Europe called Give it up for Ramadan.
Red Cross youth section Spears branch in Beirut organizes lots of activities you can contact me for more details abt them 🙂
In Jordan: 
– As shared by Leen Hammad:  Tkieyt Um Ali, for more details, visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TkiyetUmAli/?fref=ts
– as shared by Ranim Hajjar: Bareeq Education and Development is a charity in Jordan that provides education for kids and adults (Syrian, Palestinian, Jordanian) for free to reduce illiteracy and promote awareness.

This initiative supported thousands of kids who are not able to go to official/ government schools due to the ongoing war

In Saudi Arabia: 
– As received from Mehad Habbab:
In Kuwait: 
As received from Samar Qashou:
للسنة الثالثة على التوالي عملنا حملة الكارتونه الرمضانية… الحمله هي كرتونه تموين لرمضان للأسر المتعففة في الكويت… اذا اي حدا حابب يتبرع… بيكون ممتاز لكن ما يتبرع بفلوس… التبرع يكون بالاشياء التالية… الأساسيات: رز ، سكر ،ملح, طحين, عدس ، معجون طماطم, زيت, حليب ان توفر ، , اي نوع عصير ، شاي ,معلبات,معكرونه, تمر تموين رمضان مش أساسي: “شعيرية,فيمتو, قمر الدين ,شوربة ماجي او اي نوع, مكعبات ماجي, جيلي و كريم كراميل, لقمة القاضي, اي نوع بسكوت” اللي حابب يشارك باي نوع تموين آخر لو سمحتو يراعي انو يكون بحاله جيده… اللي حابب يشارك بالموضوع او بتعبأة الكرتونه يبعت عالخاص وبرجع بكرر: لن يتم قبول مبالغ مالية الفكرة انها ما تكون فلوس لانو الاغلب من هالشباب بدفع فلوس وخلاص بيعتبر انو عمل الي عليه
In Madrid: 
– There are poor families begging outside the main mosque after Friday prayers, giving them any food, water/juices and/or money will help them.
– There are hundreds of homeless people scattered around the city at night, there is a group I always see close to La Latina, another one outside Retiro Park (close to the Arabic House building, incidentally). Many others all over the city.
General and/or online: 
– A gofundme campaign to get two Iraqi girls to study at Ivy league schools: https://www.gofundme.com/26yvntw. Shared by @ZeinabMera on Twitter.
– If you do grocery shopping, buy a couple of items that you can give to a cleaner, deliveryman, laborer, janitor etc.

– Give an extra tip to people who work in the heat (valet parking attendants, cleaners, deliverymen etc.

– Leave a small anonymous gift (chocolate?) by the door of a neighbor(s)

– Suggestions by Mohammed El Korek As a rule of thumb, any left over food for the homeless or low-paid workers is welcome. A few minutes in the microwave for a half eaten meal can go a long way. Some supermarkets here (In Paris) have a scheme where u buy 2-3 items and can give it straight to charity. The important thing is to make sure the supermarket approves in order to avoid trouble.
– The Maria Cristina Foundation, which sponsors a variety of humanitarian projects around the globe. Shared by Nora Tatarka. Please visit Maria’s Facebook page for more details: https://www.facebook.com/MariaCristinaFoundation/
– Shared by Mayah Haidar: Download the share a meal app by the WFP, which allows you to donate a meal to a child.
– As shared by Jude Abadi, this is an awesome initiative on Indiegogo toI sponsor iftar meals for displaced Syrian families on the Turkish Syrian border. Link: www.generosity.com%2Fcommunity-fundraising%2Fgive-back-campaign&h=aAQGh2wd0 
As shared by Maria Ali: For people all over the world: The United Nations created an app called ShareTheMeal. For only $0.50 (which is nothing), you could feed a refugee child for the entire day. They will also give you a picture of the child that has received a meal and tell you his/her story.
– As shared by Reem AlHilou: This is an initiative to donate iftar meals for refugees around the world: https://donate.unhcr.org/gu-en/basmetamal