This could have been you

Car Accident

If you use your phone while driving, apply makeup, eat or drink or do anything that might distract you in the car, then this is for you. 
This week a friend of mine was driving, and out of nowhere his car (in this picture) was crashed into by someone who crossed a red light. Thankfully my friend, his wife and kid are safe and sound, and they survived the crash with minor bruises, however, consider this:
1. He was obeying the traffic rules. 
2. He was not speeding. 
3. He did everything in his control to not get into any situation that may endanger him and/or his family and/or other drivers on the road 
Despite all of the above, he still got into a bad accident and his car is likely to be written off. 
If you text and drive or do anything to distract you behind the wheel, then you should know better. If your own life is worthless to you, there are other people out there that value theirs.