Visualizing Palestine Needs You

Visualizing Palestine

Visualizing Palestine

I have been seeing Visualizing Palestine infographics online since they started eight years ago, and the work they do is remarkable in communicating the struggles of Palestinians, the injustices and the atrocities that happen very regularly back home. I signed up to become a paying VP member recently to support their initiatives, and they need all the support they can get.

I encourage you to become a fellow paid member and to support Visualizing Palestine’s small, but very hardworking team in delivering more of their striking messages to audiences all around the world. The objective is to highlight the VP initiatives and to help spread the content that they provide for free on their website, via their (awesome) newsletter and on social media.

VP is targeting having 500 paid members by Saturday, December 7th, and they are very close to reaching that target (Less than 30 memberships to go). Please have a look at their website and social media pages, see the type of powerful and impactful work they have been creating and hopefully pledge your support to them. Link to join:

To check out their work and if you have any questions, please get in touch with the VP team via their website and via their social media channels:




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