How much info do you willingly give away everyday?

I came across this interesting post in a newsletter I receive, can be pretty scary if you think of it and consider the things we do/post/share online, not only ones that can be tracked by the authorities and 3rd parties, but even to other people around us who we might or might not know inContinue reading “How much info do you willingly give away everyday?”

Julys + Amman photographs

I’ve been trying to make time for this for the past month, but it’s been a mad, mad July, just like last year. I made a vow to post this before the end of the month, as otherwise it would be even more pointless than posting it towards the end of July. So why hasContinue reading “Julys + Amman photographs”

#mansafDXB tweetup pictures + mini-review

After a lot of discussion (going back to Ramadan last year) a couple of mansaf tweetups took place in the space of 4 or so weeks in Dubai. Couldn’t make the first one as I was out of town (In Hong Kong to be specific), fortunately though I made it to the second one whichContinue reading “#mansafDXB tweetup pictures + mini-review”

Getting rid of twitter email notifications in 4 steps

As some tweeps might have noticed, twitter have recently introduced email notifications to the popular micro-blogging website. I don’t know about you,  but I personally find it somewhat annoying to get these emails whenever any sort of activity happens there, be it a new follower, a mention, a DM or even a post faved byContinue reading “Getting rid of twitter email notifications in 4 steps”

Being a tourist in your own city

Been raring to post this for quite a while, but never got around to actually doing it. Anyhow, here goes, some photos taken on one of those nights when I couldn’t get any sleep. These shots were taken on a new highway that is parallel (almost) to Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, it caused aContinue reading “Being a tourist in your own city”