“How can I get into running?” – My personal take

This is a blog post that I started typing in June last year, but never got the time to finish it. Fortunately I was able to complete it on this chilly and windy Dubai evening. I get asked by friends every now and then for tips and advice on how to start  running and howContinue reading ““How can I get into running?” – My personal take”

My Experience with a Nasal Septum Deviation

As some of my friends know I underwent a surgery to fix a nasal septum deviation issue in my nose just over two weeks ago in Amman, Jordan. Several friends have been asking me about the surgery and the procedure as they had the same problem and were considering undergoing the treatment as well butContinue reading “My Experience with a Nasal Septum Deviation”

Why I Run

I’ve taken up running as a hobby around 2 years ago. I took it based on a friend’s recommendation as an activity to take my mind off things and to clear my head. I started out slowly and was encouraged by the Nike Plus app on iPhone. I never looked back and this is probablyContinue reading “Why I Run”