Ramadan Kareem |رمضان كريم

Wishing all my friends, family and acquaintances a blessed #Ramadan. May it bring people of all faiths around the world peace and prosperity. In recent years, I made it a habit to do a photography challenge in Ramadan. The challenge was to take as many pictures that reflect the month’s spirit and what it means toContinue reading “Ramadan Kareem |رمضان كريم”

#RamadanLens day 29: Farewell

#RamadanLens day 29: Potentially the last entry for this month. Looking back, fasting has not been as challenging as I feared despite the heat. Was definitely a rewarding month. Hope it brought some peace and forgiveness upon us all. On this note, I want to finish this series with a nod to the unknown andContinue reading “#RamadanLens day 29: Farewell”

#RamadanLens: Zaatar at Nad Al Sheba

#RamadanLens Day 27 – Zaatar at Nad Al Sheba This will be a bit of a long post (in comparison to previous ones). Should have posted it earlier in the month, but similar to exercise, I couldn’t make much time for this as it lay there as a bare draft in a Word document. MakingContinue reading “#RamadanLens: Zaatar at Nad Al Sheba”

#RamadanLens 23: Yet Another Buffet

#RamadanLens # 23: Yet another iftar buffet. I try to avoid buffets as I have little control over my appetite, yet ended up going to at least 10 iftar buffets. Not sure how I have avoided gaining at least half a dozen kgs this Ramadan