Visualizing Palestine Needs You

I have been seeing Visualizing Palestine infographics online since they started eight years ago, and the work they do is remarkable in communicating the struggles of Palestinians, the injustices and the atrocities that happen very regularly back home. I signed up to become a paying VP member recently to support their initiatives, and they needContinue reading “Visualizing Palestine Needs You”

Are the Arab world’s tragedies not worth talking about?

I am not a political analyst, I try to avoid it, but it’s easier to get sucked in every time a tragedy happens somewhere in the western world. I see the exact same arguments: Why do we Arabs care so much about the atrocities that happen in the west and turn a blind eye toContinue reading “Are the Arab world’s tragedies not worth talking about?”

Targets Smashed at the 2015 Dubai Marathon

After months of fundraising and training, I am glad to say that both targets I had prior to the 2015 Dubai Marathon have not only been met, but been smashed. The targets I had were to raise AED 10,000 for the Medical Aid for Palestinians association and to finish the race in under 4 hours.Continue reading “Targets Smashed at the 2015 Dubai Marathon”

This picture of Gaza was NOT taken last summer.

This photo of Gaza was NOT taken last summer. This photo is a very recent one shared by Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP). Six months on, and little progress can be seen around the strip. I am raising funds and awareness about some of the plights the people of Gaza are still facing, just becauseContinue reading “This picture of Gaza was NOT taken last summer.”

Every Kilometer Could Save Someone’s Life in Palestine #1DirhamKM

I’m bad at figuring out how to start my infrequent blog posts, and this one is no different so I’ll just dive head first. People in Palestine and specifically Gaza are still struggling. We perhaps assume that since they are not in mainstream Arab and western media that all is well there, but the reality couldn’tContinue reading “Every Kilometer Could Save Someone’s Life in Palestine #1DirhamKM”

A sad state of affairs: Thoughts on Gaza, cyber fights & social media activism

A lot has been on my mind lately, and I have been trying my best to avoid spending much time looking at the feeds on my personal social media accounts for a variety of reasons, some of the main reasons being the amount of misinformed and naïve posts on the situation in Gaza, the virtualContinue reading “A sad state of affairs: Thoughts on Gaza, cyber fights & social media activism”

I Am No Palestinian – A poem by Farah Chamma

Brilliant poem by the talented young poet Farah Chamma. I Am No Palestinian Farah Chamma I am no courageous, Fearless, valorous, gallant, Proud, adventurous, Selfless patriot I am a soul in exile Expressing my thoughts in All languages but mine ” Hi…I am Palestinian” ” Salut…Je suis palestinienne” I cut my mother tongue In halfContinue reading “I Am No Palestinian – A poem by Farah Chamma”