#SuhoorRuns: A New Fitness Activity this Ramadan in Dubai

On Saturday night, we had our first Suhoor Run in Dubai, which is a social and a fitness gathering for running and general fitness and wellness enthusiasts in the city. The idea is to meet for a light work out, followed by a small snack at the restaurant or cafe that the run started at.Continue reading “#SuhoorRuns: A New Fitness Activity this Ramadan in Dubai”

Training in Ramadan: When to train?

  First of all, I’d like to (belatedly) wish readers of this blog a very blessed and holy Ramadan. The month is a time to reflect and to get closer to God, and it also provides an opportunity for people to evaluate their health and well-being, and hence, it becomes common to see more peopleContinue reading “Training in Ramadan: When to train?”

Want to help others this Ramadan? Here are some awesome charities and initiatives in the Middle East and beyond!

Ramadan is the month of giving and reaching out to people in the community to help out the needy and less fortunate. I asked friends and contacts to share charities and things that can be done in their local communities and online. This is a list I put together so far. Please feel free to shareContinue reading “Want to help others this Ramadan? Here are some awesome charities and initiatives in the Middle East and beyond!”

Ramadan Kareem |رمضان كريم

Wishing all my friends, family and acquaintances a blessed #Ramadan. May it bring people of all faiths around the world peace and prosperity. In recent years, I made it a habit to do a photography challenge in Ramadan. The challenge was to take as many pictures that reflect the month’s spirit and what it means toContinue reading “Ramadan Kareem |رمضان كريم”

#RamadanLens day 29: Farewell

#RamadanLens day 29: Potentially the last entry for this month. Looking back, fasting has not been as challenging as I feared despite the heat. Was definitely a rewarding month. Hope it brought some peace and forgiveness upon us all. On this note, I want to finish this series with a nod to the unknown andContinue reading “#RamadanLens day 29: Farewell”

#RamadanLens: Zaatar at Nad Al Sheba

#RamadanLens Day 27 – Zaatar at Nad Al Sheba This will be a bit of a long post (in comparison to previous ones). Should have posted it earlier in the month, but similar to exercise, I couldn’t make much time for this as it lay there as a bare draft in a Word document. MakingContinue reading “#RamadanLens: Zaatar at Nad Al Sheba”