#SuhoorRuns: A New Fitness Activity this Ramadan in Dubai

On Saturday night, we had our first Suhoor Run in Dubai, which is a social and a fitness gathering for running and general fitness and wellness enthusiasts in the city. The idea is to meet for a light work out, followed by a small snack at the restaurant or cafe that the run started at.Continue reading “#SuhoorRuns: A New Fitness Activity this Ramadan in Dubai”

Want to help others this Ramadan? Here are some awesome charities and initiatives in the Middle East and beyond!

Ramadan is the month of giving and reaching out to people in the community to help out the needy and less fortunate. I asked friends and contacts to share charities and things that can be done in their local communities and online. This is a list I put together so far. Please feel free to shareContinue reading “Want to help others this Ramadan? Here are some awesome charities and initiatives in the Middle East and beyond!”

London Marathon, T-7 Days!

One week to go to London. Thanks to everyone who donated on the fundraising page. Hoping for the best on the day (Assuming I get the visa, I should know by Tuesday).   As I mentioned last week, any donations will get any high-res image of their choice from my humble photography work (The oneContinue reading “London Marathon, T-7 Days!”

London Marathon Countdown — Giving Back

In 15 days, I will be lining up with tens of thousands of other runners in Greenwich Park to run this year’s edition of the London Marathon. After an overwhelmingly positive experience at last year’s race (My first taste of the London Marathon), I will be running it this year representing and fundraising for BritishContinue reading “London Marathon Countdown — Giving Back”

London Marathon: My Running & Fundraising Update

As I mentioned in my last post, I am going to run at the 2016 London Marathon for the second time (and will be set to be my 6th full marathon to date). This is a wee update on proceedings. I changed the charity, after being offered a spot with Health Poverty Action. I am very gratefulContinue reading “London Marathon: My Running & Fundraising Update”

2016 London Marathon #WeGoAgain

Very happy to say that I will be fundraising and running the next London Marathon in April for UK Youth. Really looking forward to the training, fundraising and running the race. I will share more details about the race and the fundraising soon!

Race Report – 2015 London Marathon

Here is a small recap of my experience in running one of the races that is on the bucket list of many runners around the world. This was typed out on tablet and phone screens, hence, excuse any blunders. Couldn’t post it earlier due to technical difficulties. A year ago.. Around this time last year, I ran myContinue reading “Race Report – 2015 London Marathon”

Next Challenge: London Marathon & Fundraising for Anti-Slavery International #OmoAntiSlavery

It’s been a while since I posted here, but here goes. I have been training in the last few weeks for the London Marathon, not knowing whether I will be among the 40,000+ runners lining up at the start line(s) in Greenwhich Park. That was because of the visa situation, which I was able to sortContinue reading “Next Challenge: London Marathon & Fundraising for Anti-Slavery International #OmoAntiSlavery”

Targets Smashed at the 2015 Dubai Marathon

After months of fundraising and training, I am glad to say that both targets I had prior to the 2015 Dubai Marathon have not only been met, but been smashed. The targets I had were to raise AED 10,000 for the Medical Aid for Palestinians association and to finish the race in under 4 hours.Continue reading “Targets Smashed at the 2015 Dubai Marathon”

This picture of Gaza was NOT taken last summer.

This photo of Gaza was NOT taken last summer. This photo is a very recent one shared by Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP). Six months on, and little progress can be seen around the strip. I am raising funds and awareness about some of the plights the people of Gaza are still facing, just becauseContinue reading “This picture of Gaza was NOT taken last summer.”