2020 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon Race Report

I took part and finished my fourteenth full marathon last weekend in Dubai. It was the third time for me to take part in the Dubai Marathon, and I completed the race with a new personal best (PB) time of 3:19:58, which is a PB of three minutes (The previous PB was 3:23 hours, setContinue reading “2020 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon Race Report”

The 2020 Dubai Marathon – Should you run it?

The Dubai Marathon is around the corner, and there have been several conversations online and offline amongst runners about the race, so I thought I’d share my two cents on it. For established runners who are familiar with the race, you’re probably aware of where this is going. For new runners, this is not toContinue reading “The 2020 Dubai Marathon – Should you run it?”

2018 Dubai Marathon: You have 21 weeks to train and smash it!

      I was talking to a couple of new runners who joined the local running club in Dubai that I’ve been training with for the last few years (ABRaS), and they told me they have joined the club to help them train for the upcoming Dubai Marathon, which I thought was great planning. TheContinue reading “2018 Dubai Marathon: You have 21 weeks to train and smash it!”

Targets Smashed at the 2015 Dubai Marathon

After months of fundraising and training, I am glad to say that both targets I had prior to the 2015 Dubai Marathon have not only been met, but been smashed. The targets I had were to raise AED 10,000 for the Medical Aid for Palestinians association and to finish the race in under 4 hours.Continue reading “Targets Smashed at the 2015 Dubai Marathon”

List of People & Companies Fundraising at the 2015 Dubai Marathon

I asked earlier today my friends, followers and running buddies to send links of any people and companies that are fundraising in the build up to the Dubai Marathon, which is in less than two weeks (23rd January, 2015) and got several responses. I also looked up a couple of them on Twitter and came across a fewContinue reading “List of People & Companies Fundraising at the 2015 Dubai Marathon”

Every Kilometer Could Save Someone’s Life in Palestine #1DirhamKM

I’m bad at figuring out how to start my infrequent blog posts, and this one is no different so I’ll just dive head first. People in Palestine and specifically Gaza are still struggling. We perhaps assume that since they are not in mainstream Arab and western media that all is well there, but the reality couldn’tContinue reading “Every Kilometer Could Save Someone’s Life in Palestine #1DirhamKM”

Runner’s High – A Post for 3k and 10k Runners at the Dubai Marathon

So you just crossed the finish line at the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon’s 3k or 10k race yesterday morning and you’re buzzing, you feel awesome, you feel invincible, you want to do more races and challenge yourself to  improve your pace and to cover longer distances in less time. You want to make it moreContinue reading “Runner’s High – A Post for 3k and 10k Runners at the Dubai Marathon”