When negative experiences make you a stronger person: Learning from the Spanish national football team

So the topic of learning from hardship and stressful situations has been on my mind often in the last year or so, and this week, my randomly selective memory recalled vividly the story of the Spanish national football team. The Spaniards have historically been perennial underachievers in international football. For a country that boasted andContinue reading “When negative experiences make you a stronger person: Learning from the Spanish national football team”

Patience is Key for the UAE – Post-Match Thoughts

  My two cents on the KSA vs. UAE game that ended in a crushing 3-0 defeat for ‘Al Abyad’ (The Whites). The Emiratis held on for about 70 minutes before falling apart. Once the deadlock was broken, there was no way back for ‘Wlad Zayed’ (Sons of HH Sheikh Zayed, the late UAE president)Continue reading “Patience is Key for the UAE – Post-Match Thoughts”

Arsenal 3-4 Liverpool: New Season, Same Problems

Watching Liverpool’s first Premier League game earlier today was reminiscent of the Liverpool of 2013/2014 in so many ways. Where do we start? The calamitous defending? The sensational Coutinho goal coming against the run of play? Feeling that the three points are in the bag only for the team to concede a couple of softContinue reading “Arsenal 3-4 Liverpool: New Season, Same Problems”

Silver Lining After Disastrous Season for the Reds – Some Positive Thoughts

So the season is finally (and thankfully) over. The last ten or so games since March were disastrous, with most of the players appearing to be physically in England, and mentally in the Caribbean (or here in Dubai…). If you want more doom and gloom then just open any football news website. They are fullContinue reading “Silver Lining After Disastrous Season for the Reds – Some Positive Thoughts”

My two cents after last night’s German massacre

Some thoughts on last night’s massacre: – Germany raised eyebrows when they announced that they will build their own World Cup base. It has definitely paid off so far. One of the best prepared sides for the World Cup – Germany had one of their key players missing as well, not for this match, butContinue reading “My two cents after last night’s German massacre”

England’s never-ending agony in international football

My two cents on why England fail at every international tournament. I am not an England fan, I do not support any international sides but I like seeing underdogs doing well (And in this World Cup England were underdogs, firmly placed alongside the likes of Iran, Ghana, Nigeria, Honduras and co in my books). When itContinue reading “England’s never-ending agony in international football”

A Note to Nashama: Appreciate The Progress

A Note to Nashama: Reflect on your progress and appreciate your achievements: Disclaimer: I am not a fan of the Jordanian national team, nor am I a hater. I am a mere neutral. I wouldn’t mind seeing the team (or any Arab national teams really) do well, but I do not expect it, nor spendContinue reading “A Note to Nashama: Appreciate The Progress”

The EPL is back! Review of Liverpool vs. Stoke

Here is a small review of the Liverpool – Stoke game, which we (Reds) won -0 courtesy of a Daniel Sturridge strike Typical Liverpool performance, miss a bunch of sitters and way chances. Only difference this time is that we were fortunate not to concede in the dying stages of the game. Positives: Good buildContinue reading “The EPL is back! Review of Liverpool vs. Stoke”

Qatar 2022: The Farce

Back in December 2010 Qatar won the right to host the World Cup in 2022. The announcement came as a surprise to many people. I am personally against this decision, and have decided to write down some of my thoughts on this topic. Read on and keep in mind that this is my own interpretationContinue reading “Qatar 2022: The Farce”

So, why am I “still” a Liverpool Football Club fan? #LFC #YNWA

Football fans are fickle, nothing new there. They can turn against their favorite players and managers within mere seconds if things are not going their way or if they decide to leave the club (Usually the case when it is to a bitter rival and/or for more money). Another aspect of modern football is thatContinue reading “So, why am I “still” a Liverpool Football Club fan? #LFC #YNWA”