Keeping Fit and Sane During Quarantine

Listing some tips for keeping fit and sane that I’m trying to follow during the quarantine. Do you have any tips of your own? Feel free to share them in the comments! 1. Started using an app called Seven again. It has countless workouts that can be done at home without equipment (A chair andContinue reading “Keeping Fit and Sane During Quarantine”

#SharingJobs Moving to Telegram

If we’re connected online, you might have noticed from my social media feeds (particularly on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram stories) that I share job posts and vacancies on my social media pages for fun. Starting from this week, We (A group of friends and myself) will start broadcasting jobs on the Telegram Messenger via aContinue reading “#SharingJobs Moving to Telegram”

On learning from mistakes

This is something that I have been reminding myself of for a while now and it has been paying off so far. Whenever I’m frustrated and/or annoyed with lack of progress with something, I remind myself of it and to #TrustTheProcess. Some examples of this from my personal experience: Running and fitness: The way IContinue reading “On learning from mistakes”

Video: Giving Stand-up Comedy a Shot!

So earlier this month, I took a comedy class with Dubai-based local comedy legends Dubomedy, and as part of the course, each student got to perform on the last day in front of a live audience at Warehouse Four in Al Quoz in Dubai, the venue of Hangry Hanger. This was my first time to talkContinue reading “Video: Giving Stand-up Comedy a Shot!”

When negative experiences make you a stronger person: Learning from the Spanish national football team

So the topic of learning from hardship and stressful situations has been on my mind often in the last year or so, and this week, my randomly selective memory recalled vividly the story of the Spanish national football team. The Spaniards have historically been perennial underachievers in international football. For a country that boasted andContinue reading “When negative experiences make you a stronger person: Learning from the Spanish national football team”

Madrid’s Retiro #Omography

One of the places that I miss the most in Madrid: Retiro Park. If I look at the running stats from October 2015 to September 2016, I bet that more than 50% of my runs were there #Omography

This could have been you

If you use your phone while driving, apply makeup, eat or drink or do anything that might distract you in the car, then this is for you.  This week a friend of mine was driving, and out of nowhere his car (in this picture) was crashed into by someone who crossed a red light. ThankfullyContinue reading “This could have been you”

Happy 45th National Day UAE!

“Home is where you lived most of your life, made the most of your meaningful friendships and memories. To you, that would be the UAE.” – Words by my mother. “Don’t ask me where I’m from, ask where I’m a local.” – Taiye Selasi I may not be a “local” per say, but I amContinue reading “Happy 45th National Day UAE!”

Short Book Review – The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Just finished reading this book (The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell), was an intriguing read. Thanks Nadim Bardawil for recommending it!   The book talks about human psychology and how certain trends start. Some interesting examples included: How the struggling Hush Puppy shoe brand faced dwindling revenues, before a reemergence in the mid 90’s thanksContinue reading “Short Book Review – The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell”