#SharingJobs Moving to Telegram

If we’re connected online, you might have noticed from my social media feeds (particularly on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram stories) that I share job posts and vacancies on my social media pages for fun. Starting from this week, We (A group of friends and myself) will start broadcasting jobs on the Telegram Messenger via aContinue reading “#SharingJobs Moving to Telegram”

Trump is President – Best Tweets

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock¬†today, I reckon you’ve heard that Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States of America. Thankfully, Twitter (and social media in general) predictably provided ample entertainment throughout the day to soften the blow. Here is a collection of the best tweets that did the rounds¬†on theContinue reading “Trump is President – Best Tweets”

Best Tweets: #AppleEvent & iPhone 7

A collection of the funniest tweets about the #AppleEvent which took place a few hours ago. The tech giant revealed details about the new iPhone, which got rid of traditional earphones and is water resistant. 

How much info do you willingly give away everyday?

I came across this interesting post in a newsletter I receive, can be pretty scary if you think of it and consider the things we do/post/share online, not only ones that can be tracked by the authorities and 3rd parties, but even to other people around us who we might or might not know inContinue reading “How much info do you willingly give away everyday?”