Best Tweets: #AppleEvent & iPhone 7

A collection of the funniest tweets about the #AppleEvent which took place a few hours ago. The tech giant revealed details about the new iPhone, which got rid of traditional earphones and is water resistant. 

The Arab social media celebrity/influencer/mashaheer/bateekh cycle

1. Someone gets popular on a new social media channel (Vine/Periscope/keek/Instagram when it was new etc.) for some reason 2. That someone grows a huge audience despite not offering much value, and in some cases, all they do is pretty much make total idiots out of themselves (dance, prank other people, show off their ‘wealth’Continue reading “The Arab social media celebrity/influencer/mashaheer/bateekh cycle”

My Review: Nokia Lumia 920 #SwitchToLumia

Nokia Lumia 920 review I don’t know how to start this off, but here goes- The guys at Nokia UAE have been giving Nokia Lumia 920 mobile phones to users in the country to test the device for two weeks and to give their feedback about it and review it. I was asked if IContinue reading “My Review: Nokia Lumia 920 #SwitchToLumia”